Profiles in Novalis Tx Treatment: Role of the Radiation Therapist

Radiation therapists play an important role in patient care before and during Novalis Tx® treatment. They act as a resource for patients to learn about Novalis Tx treatment and in turn communicate patients' needs and concerns to the treatment team. Under the direction of radiation oncologists, they operate the Novalis Tx machine, which delivers highly focused radiation to tumors during treatment.

Before the procedure, radiation therapists educate patients about the treatment process and determine how a patient will be positioned during treatment sessions based on the treatment plan and on a patient's comfort and physical condition. Most importantly, radiation therapists are focused on patient safety and are responsible for making sure safety procedures are followed, radiation dosage is correct and equipment is in proper working order before delivering treatment. Radiation therapists sometimes simulate a treatment to determine if it is appropriate for a specific case or if an alternative method should be pursued. Our radiation therapists undergo specialized training and board certification to operate Novalis Tx equipment.

George Sutliff and Noah Werner are radiation therapists at San Diego Radiosurgery. Read about other members of our team here. Check back for additional profiles of other team members' roles or read about our medical physicist.